Women Entrepreneurs Are More Likely to Get Funding If They Emphasize Their Social Mission

mar18-07-hbr-jennifer-maravillas-busi-modelOver the last decade, new ventures across industries have framed their businesses in terms of social impact. We observed that a disproportionately high number of ventures that emphasize social impact seem to be founded by women. This could be because female founders are more likely to care about social issues than men. But we also wondered if something else might be going on. Read more>>

7 Steps to Defining Your Niche Market

7 Steps to Defining Your Niche MarketYou’ve come up with a great idea for a business, but you’re not ready to roll yet. Before you go any further, the next step is figuring out just who your market is. No business—particularly a small one—can be all things to all people. The more narrowly you can define your target market, the better. This process is known as creating a niche and is key to success for even the biggest companies. Read more>>

Why Entrepreneur-Investors Should Jump on the Smart Revolution — Like, Now

Why Entrepreneur-Investors Should Jump on the Smart Revolution -- Like, NowSmart homes are quickly becoming the new normal. For most of us, adoption of this technology is piecemeal: We build our in-home networks by gradually replacing old appliances with new models that offer connectivity. Yet, even at this moderate rate of adoption, it won’t be long before fully networked homes are the standard. So, the question is, how will that change our lives — and businesses? Read more>>

New Bionic Arm Blurs Line Between Self and Machine for Wearers

At 29 years old, Canadian firefighter Rob Anderson lost his left arm and left leg to a harrowing helicopter crash into the side of a mountain. Although fitted with “top of the line” prosthetics for the last 10 years, he said, using them feels like “doing things with a long pair of pliers.” So when researchers at the University of Alberta offered him a place in a new prosthetics trial, he leaped at the chance. Read more>>

3 Essential Traits for Earning the Trust of Your Customers

3 Essential Traits for Earning the Trust of Your CustomersThe most valuable thing you’ll ever own is the trust of your clients, customers, and peers. You can’t buy it, and earning it isn’t always simple. Garnering trust isn’t only a matter of being honest (you should be doing that anyway), but of living up to the standards that your clients and customers demand. Over the years, I’ve noticed three components of every trustworthy business I’ve dealt with, whether in a business-to-business fashion or as a customer myself. Read more>>

How to Build Incredible, Game-Changing Technology Fast (and Right)

How to Build Incredible, Game-Changing Technology Fast (and Right)When the live streaming service Rdio burst onto the scene in 2010, it seemed to have everything going for it. But, by late 2015, Rdio was bankrupt, its intellectual property sold to Pandora for $75 million and its service shuttered. The startup became an object lesson on the failure to develop game-changing technology quickly and correctly. Though Rdio was nearly first out of the gate, its cautious approach to generating revenue let it slip behind Spotify, which moved faster. Read more>>