Pulling Water, Fuel, and Power From Thin Air Is Getting Practical

fuel-water-power-from-thin-air-co2-carbon-engineeringPulling things from thin air is generally considered a magic trick. But several recent research papers suggest we could soon be extracting valuable resources like water, fuel, and power from the atmosphere. Startup Carbon Engineering published a new technique for turning atmospheric CO2 into fuel last week that is starting to make the approach seem economically viable. Read more>>

Hypergrowth and The Law of Startup Physics

The leadership at Coinbase, Lyft, Checkr and other high-flying startups are grateful that their coach, Khalid Halim, didn’t skip out on a class called Military Science as an undergrad at UCLA: “I started noticing patterns in startups — which I’ve validated with executives and VCs over the years — that how companies scale and break matches military groupings.” Halim pulls at the strings of the phenomenon to articulate what he calls the law of startup physics.  Read more>>

The robots probably aren’t coming for your job, but AI is the future of content marketing

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the ways we use data to target audiences and generate ideas for content. The future of AI means using technology to create hyper-personalized marketing content. By now, most of us have asked Alexa and Siri to tell us a joke. But it’s entirely possible that in the very near future, we could be asking artificial intelligence (AI) systems to tell us a story, or more importantly, using AI content marketing to tell our audiences a story. Read more>>

Why Female Entrepreneurs Have a Harder Time Raising Venture Capital

Why Female Entrepreneurs Have a Harder Time Raising Venture CapitalWhen investors are deciding who to allocate capital to, they of course look at “hard data” but, research shows, they also draw heavily from their perceptions of the entrepreneur and the founding team. However, there is a widespread disparity in funding—a disparity most notably observed through differences in the capital-raising experiences of male founders versus female founders whereby women are less likely to be given funding for their business. Read more>>

Early Stage Startups Are Struggling, While VC Investment Dollars Are At All Time High

It’s a mixed bag for startups and funding this year, according to the Q1 2018 PwC/CB Insights MoneyTree™ Report. Since the beginning of the year, the US has seen more than $21B in funding across more than 1,200 deals. Unfortunately for young companies, first venture rounds were on the decline. However, on the plus side, money is definitely flowing in established startup community. Read more>>

4 Critical Tests for a New Spacecraft That Will Clean Up Space Debris

/image/MzA1OTExNg.jpegA spacecraft may soon be able to snare space junk by firing harpoons and nets. A European mission was expected to begin tests in late May of space-age versions of those ancient tools to clean up Earth’s cluttered orbital lanes. To head off future catastrophe, experts from NASA and the European Space Agency have proposed removing 5 to 10 large pieces of debris each year. Read more>>