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4 Key Steps to Preparing for a Business Presentation

Entrepreneurs are good at generating ideas however; a skill that may not be their strength is public speaking. Giving a proper business presentation is what can help entrepreneurs advance their ideas into businesses and create ultimately long-term business success. Tim Calkins who spent years as brand manager for Kraft Foods offers four different strategies that help take a business presentation from average to compelling and convincing.  Firstly, preparation is key. Not necessarily preparing the delivery of the speech but instead focusing on which audience you may be presenting to and adjusting your presentation accordingly. The content that you tell your audience also must be simple concise and tell a smooth flowing story. Having a good idea in a business presentation is not enough; you also must be able to tell it.  Read More>>

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How (Not) to Change Someone’s Mind

Changing someone else’s opinion on a touchy subject like politics or religion is not an easy task to come by. However, there are two tactics that have shown to do so: encouraging people to engage in perspective-taking—putting themselves in someone else’s shoes—as well as asking people to come up with reasons to support something they oppose, or vice versa. Kellogg researchers wanted to put these tactics to the test and combine them, asking people to generate arguments from someone else’s point of view. The researches went to work and conducted an experiment with users from Reddit- a popular forum to swap memes and analyze pop culture. The experiment had these users offer an argument from a political view from an opposing view from their own. Although, the researchers combined these two tactics it was clearly shown in the results that in this case two plus two does not actually equal four. Read More>>

These Electric Planes and Flying Taxis are the Future of Aviation

The future of the aviation industry has a whole new concept to it and not only will the economy benefit, but the ecosystem will also see some major value from it.  Electric planes and taxis have been an idea for decades but it is now showing to make some major leeway into actually happening. Both U.S and European companies are racing to launch their electric airplanes to see who can turn a profit first. European airline, Easy-Jet is anticipated to introduce a nine-passenger prototype that will fly next year. While Uber has the hopes to start promoting their flying taxis by 2023. However, will these companies be able to meet these ambitious launch dates?  Read More>>

What Makes a Successful Startup Team

Many entrepreneurial experts claim that the key for running a successful startup lies in the previous experience from its team members. However, despite this 60% of startups still, fail due to problems within the team. Eva de Mol author for the Harvard Business Review wanted to dig into some further research to help find out what it takes for new ventures to succeed. From her research, she was able to find that prior startup experience, product knowledge, and industry skills do not actually help predict the success of a new venture. Instead, it is a shared passion and vision for the startups carried out by its team members. Read More>>

As Your Team Gets Bigger, Your Leadership Style Has to Adapt

In the workplace, the strategy used when managing small teams versus managing larger teams can vary vastly. Julie Zhuo, Vice President of design at Facebook slowly started to realize this during meetings when slowly but surely, there were not enough seats for everyone nor was there enough time for everyone individually to present their ideas anymore. As Zhuo’s schedule started to become more hectic and her design team continued to grow she knew she must implement some changes into her management strategies. Zhou had to place much more trust into her employees, accept that perfectionism was not an option anymore and keep communication clear, concise and uplifting to her staff. Although it can be difficult and tedious changing your management strategies will ultimately help the organization massively improve as well, as make yourself a stronger more effective leader. Read More>>

How Much Does Innovation Drive Economic Growth?

Productivity as defined in the article, How Much Does Innovation Drive Economic Growth? is the amount of value a company creates per dollar of investment or hour of worker labor. This has been seen to grow rapidly since the late 1800’s and has been positively reflected through the U.S economic growth. Workweeks and hours for employees are decreasing, while their wages are increasing. However, there is no clear reasoning as to why this productivity in the workforce has developed. Kellogg professor of finance Dimitris Papanikolaou was eager to find out. Innovation is usually measured through the study of patents but, Papanikolaou wanted to take this research a step further and look at the actual context as it compares to the quality of the patent. Through this research, Papanikolaou believes that it will not only help measure innovation but also help to answer a heavily debated question of whether or not this prolonged increase of productivity the U.S has maintained is now starting to slow down. Read More>>

Five Lessons from a Venture Capitalist with a Long-Term Focus

As more and more businesses and individuals look to invest in the next big idea that can be translated into a unicorn company with huge scale-ability and profit potential, the startup market has become saturated with investors. Often these investors follow red herring companies to limited success and limited returns. Gopi Rangan, adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship for INSEAD Business School, breaks down the logic that has led his friend and mentor, Oren Zeev, to success as a venture capitalist. These are the five tried and true rules for any venture capitalist to live by. Read more>>

NASA Prepares for First Ever Female Spacewalk

In the latest of a series of firsts for women in STEM, March 29th of this year will see the first all-female extravehicular spacewalk. Timed perfectly to coincide with Women’s History Month, the seven-hour walk will be carried out by NASA’s Anne McClain and Christina Koch on the International Space Station. Coordinating the walk from the ground will be a crew of all female scientists. The walk gains special significance in the fact that McClain and Koch are both part of the NASA astronaut class of 2013, which was the first ever to have an equal number of men and women. This is another landmark in the history of women in space, a legacy that began in 1984 with cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya becoming the first woman ever to do a spacewalk. This is an exciting step in the continuation of the reduction gender imbalance in space exploration and bodes well for the future of extraterrestrial expeditions. Read more>>

The Downside of Transparent Decision Making

When making decisions within a company, upper management wants its employees to be transparent about what they think about a situation. Being up front and honest has always been a huge factor in creating a strong organizational culture. However, according to a pair of Kellogg School researcher’s transparency does not always allow for company’s employees to be completely honest and open about their thoughts. Instead,  sometimes having private conversation and “backroom discussions” can often be more beneficial for getting employees to share information.  Read More>>

Defining Growth Design: The Guide to the Role Most Startups are Missing

In Defining Growth Design: The Guide to the Role Most Startups Are Missing, Angel Steger Dropbox’s current director of growth and design highlights the apparent need for companies to have a growth and development department. Although it is very important to have such a department during the beginning stages of a company, it is also extremely vital throughout the maturity of a company. Creating innovative products and services in the beginning is what creates success and, sustaining this innovation is what keeps a company successful. Read More>>