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A Guide to Preemptive Funding Offers

Any seasoned entrepreneur knows that funding is one of the most challenging and headache-producing elements of the startup process. A preemptive offer can feel like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Unfortunately, sometimes these offers can be more of a Trojan Horse. In today’s market climate of over-capitalization, Aaron Harris of Y Combinator gives some pointers on how to strike a preemptive deal for funding that is good for startup business and investor alike. Read more>>

Industrial tech may not be sexy, but VCs are loving it

Popularity of Industrial Technology over the last eight years has grown significantly. Not only are more venture capitalists investing in this industry but also, the amount they are willing to invest has almost doubled. Series B and C investors have especially seen growth and despite uncertainty within the market, these investors are willing to take bigger risks with this industry than ever before. Read More>>


Funding for Early-Stage Startups: How Cisco and Plug and Play are Changing the Investment Game

You have a killer startup business idea. You create a solid business plan, hire your first employees and even have some product development. You are ready for the big leagues, but you need cash investment to get you there. Unfortunately, VCs aren’t giving you the time of day. Does that mean an end for your startup dreams? Not at all. Read more>>

Boeing leads $10 million funding round for BridgeSat laser communications venture

BridgeSat ground stationBoeing HorizonX Ventures is leading a $10 million investment round to boost BridgeSat, a Denver-based satellite communications company that aims to use laser technology for ground-to-space data connectivity. Founded in 2015, BridgeSat is developing a network of optical ground stations and proprietary space terminals for use with satellites in low Earth orbit and geostationary orbit. Read more>>

The disruptor that doesn’t want to be disrupted

JetBlueA subsidiary of JetBlue Airways is investing in startups to better understand travel technology, guard against disruption, and position its parent for the future. Two years ago the company founded JetBlue Technology Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary based in the southern San Francisco Bay area known as Silicon Valley, which has become a global centre for technological innovation. Read more>>

Investors Keep Giving Startups More Funding Than They Need. Here’s Why the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet May Cause Indigestion

“This is the best time to raise money ever,” Slack founder Stewart Butterfield told The New York Times in April 2015. In the months that followed, I and many other observers cited Butterfield’s thoroughly rational exuberance as evidence of a historic tech bubble, one data point among many that private-company valuations had become untethered from reality to a degree that made a painful correction not just inevitable but imminent. Read more>>