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Unsexy Flexport scores $65 million as software eats shipping

Freight forwarding is a multi-trillion industry of moving boats, trucks and planes full of stuff across the world. Historically, freight forwarding has been handled by a mess of paper manifests, emails and spreadsheets. Flexport is both a traditional freight forwarding service and a data provider. It has just raised a $65 million Series B at a valuation well over $300 million to make freight forwarding programmable. Read More>>

The Security Threats Small Businesses Must Keep Their Eyes On

When it comes to hackers and cyber attacks, the name of the game is staying ahead of these people and programs that can sabotage a company, especially if you are a small-business owner. While larger companies can bounce back from data breaches , small to midsize business don’t always have the resources. To make sure small-business owners are equipped with the tools and resources needed to stay protected, we asked a number of experts what security threats SMBs face and how to remain safe. Read More>>

Automakers Befriend Start-Ups Like Uber, Girding Against a Changing Car Culture

Automakers are looking toward a technology-driven future, one where they increasingly acknowledge that getting around may not require owning a car or even without knowing how to drive. This type of alliances are the latest in a string of pairings between technology companies and traditional automakers that are scrambling to re position themselves. Read More>>

Bringing Energy Upgrades To the Nation’s Inner Cities

America’s inner cities are filled with aging buildings that are notoriously energy-inefficient. It’s a problem that Donnel Baird sees as an opportunity. Baird is CEO and co-founder of BlocPower, a startup that aims to revolutionize how small businesses and nonprofits secure funding for energy efficiency and clean energy projects in low-income neighborhoods. Read More>>

1 million people are now connecting to Facebook without leaving a digital trail

More than one million people are now connecting to Facebook through the Tor “dark web,” which maintains their privacy and leaves no digital trail. The number of Facebook over Tor users over an average 30-day period has about doubled in less than a year, now hitting 1 million. Tor allows anonymous web browsing by sending data through multiple encrypted steps. Read More>>

Silicon Valley Gives Ex-Convict a Familiar Feeling

Chrisfino Kenyatta Leal seemed to be the only black person around when he first turned up for his job at the co-working space in 2013. Mr. Leal is the rarest of migrants, having leapt from one of America’s bleakest, least-admired ecosystems to one of its brightest and most-admired ones. After serving 7 years in prison, he entered a new world after accepting the job offer. He has risen quickly to become RocketSpace’s manager of campus services. Read More>>

Kapor Capital Will Start Requiring New Portfolio Startups To Invest In Diversity And Inclusion

Kapor Capital recognizes that diversity can lead to better ideas, new revenue streams and bigger profits and so wants its portfolio companies to progress in the areas of diversity and inclusion. They recently launched the “Founders’ Commitment,” a four-part roadmap for startups to foster diverse and inclusive cultures early on. The idea came from Kapor Capital’s portfolio companies last summer, and the firm hopes that it will inspire similar initiatives in Silicon Valley and in tech as a whole. Read More>>