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Use This Equation to Determine, Diagnose, and Repair Trust

Anne Raimondi was stumped. Two people she managed weren’t getting along, and it was really impacting progress. In her private conversations with each of them, they had the same goals and wanted the same things. But in the room together, they’d disagree on everything. Raimondi didn’t know what to do, so she asked her executive coach, who stated the problem simply: They don’t trust each other. Read more>>

Wait But Why’s Tim Urban on Parsing and Transmitting Complex Ideas

In Bruce Lee’s final film, his character fights his way to the top of a pagoda, vanquishing foes of different fighting styles on each floor. In the world of content, Tim Urban is the Bruce Lee of long-form. In this exclusive interview, Urban shares how he distills and presents complex ideas so they’re rich and resonant for others: an act that every startup leader and team must master over and over again. Read more>>

The dos and don’ts of crafting frontier-tech companies

Powerful tools, amazing talent and endless dollars flowing from eager investors makes today an amazing time to start tomorrow’s technology companies. Curious and ambitious founding teams are putting their skills to work toward solving real-world problems. Here’s how to build hard value while avoiding common pitfalls in nine exciting startup categories that will brighten our future. Read more>>

The Three Mindset Habits That Helped This Scientist Launch A Startup

It was December 2010 and Frida Polli’s life was unfolding even better than she planned. After graduating from Dartmouth, she earned her PhD in Neuropsychology and was completing her postdoctoral fellowship. She found herself yearning for a different career. Polli decided to make a radical life shift by applying to Harvard Business School, where an opportunity to launch a startup, the embodiment of her quest, quickly presented itself. Read more>>

Master the Art of Influence — Persuasion as a Skill and Habit

Tyler Odean kicked off our meeting with a contentious statement: “For startups and founders, being persuasive is way more important than having vision.” Given how many thousands of articles have been written about finding and nailing down mission and vision statements, this is jarring to hear. But when he explains, it makes sense. To succeed, startup founders need to cultivate persuasion as a skill and habit he says. “That’s how they’re going to get the funding, the talent, the momentum to make their vision work.” Read more>>

11 Changes Entrepreneurs Should Make to Gain Long-Lasting Success

Today’s business world is changing at a rapid pace. To be successful, you need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to incorporating new and exciting opportunities and ideas into your business venture. To develop your organization, you need to do your research on strategies and tactics used by successful groups in your field, as well as network, both via social media and in person. Below, 11 members of Young Entrepreneur Council talk about the approaches entrepreneurs need to consider in order to achieve longlasting success in the modern business world. Read more>>

Skills I Underestimated In The First Year Of My Startup

Knowing well of the risks and challenges that involves having a start-up, got me excited to face risks head on and overcome challenges. I’m sure every would-be entrepreneur and many actual entrepreneurs have this one question: “Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?” Of course, there are plenty of ideas on the web with tips and tricks, and even motivational quotes to get you going. However, do you have the skills? Read more>>

How To Launch A Space Startup

New technology, investment, and policy are helping to boost smaller companies like Rocket Lab into the stratosphere. When husband and wife team Roderick and Randa Milliron founded Interorbital Systems in 1996, it was like many small businesses: A part-time project built on nights and weekends. The one big difference was that their small business designs rockets and build-your-own-satellite kits. Read more>>