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Liberty, equality, technology: France is finally poised to become a tech power

pantheonOnce America had an unassailable advantage, an economic flywheel that spun off innovation and Fortune 500 companies like a perpetual-motion machine. Enter Brexit. Enter Donald Trump. Enter their implicit and explicit rejections of immigration, including serious barriers to and discouragement of legal and skilled immigration, such as H-1B visa holders and international students. Read more>>

Why Female Entrepreneurs Have a Harder Time Raising Venture Capital

Why Female Entrepreneurs Have a Harder Time Raising Venture CapitalWhen investors are deciding who to allocate capital to, they of course look at “hard data” but, research shows, they also draw heavily from their perceptions of the entrepreneur and the founding team. However, there is a widespread disparity in funding—a disparity most notably observed through differences in the capital-raising experiences of male founders versus female founders whereby women are less likely to be given funding for their business. Read more>>

How We Bootstrapped Our Startup to 1M $ in 12 Months (And You Can Too).

Too many times I hear folks from the tech scene advising other entrepreneur to ask investors for money to start…up. In some cases investors are the only way to kick off big projects, but I firmly believe that most startups could really make it on their own and validate their ideas by making sales first. Here is a list of 11 strategies we used to bootstrap 1M $ in just 12 months, that can help your startup too. Read more>>

Most Science Startups Fail. Here’s Why.

It seems like every day we see or hear about a breakthrough new discovery that will change everything. The problem isn’t necessarily with the discoveries themselves, but that there’s a fundamental difference between discovering an important new phenomenon in the lab and creating value in the marketplace. We need to get a lot better at bridging that gap. To do so, we need to create a new innovation ecosystem for commercializing science. Read more>>