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Your Startup Is a Story

I have conversations with lots of engineering students who want to become technology entrepreneurs. Engineering school does little to prepare my students for entrepreneurial ventures because engineering school is all about solving problems and a Startup begins by formulating problems. I wrote about the reasons why in What Problem Are You Trying to Solve? Read more>>

The Downside of Applying Lean Startup Principles

maze puzzle brain job searchThe Lean Startup is a bestselling business book by Eric Ries that has become a global revolution with followers in 17 countries. Its principles have been adopted by early-stage ventures, Fortune 500 companies and even the U.S. government. Its core principle is to test a “minimum viable product” early and gather information to further fine-tune development. The idea is to mitigate risk in the product development process. Read more>>

The Definition Of A Startup In 2018 (By The Numbers)

What is a startup? It’s a surprisingly hard question and everyone has a different answer. A few years ago, I took a stab at a response myself, coming up with a somewhat-serious list of rules that set parameters around startup status. What I originally scribbled down as dividing lines between startups and more mature companies needs to be revised. So let’s come up with a 2018-era definition of what a startup. Read more>>