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Startup Sales — 5 Common Sales Mistakes by Founders

Sales in business are an instrumental part of what makes or breaks a company. For start ups, this can not ring more true as during the first launch of your product you will discover what exactly you might be doing wrong. In order to discover what your mistakes are before this first launch founders must avoid these 5 possible mistakes; weak outreach, low prices, incorrect customer profile, hiring salespeople too early, and assuming “yes” means payment. Avoiding these possible mistakes at the beginning stage of your venture will help you to start and retain a successful business. Read More>>

Should You Ignore What Your Customers Want? The Great Winemakers Do

In the article “Should you Ignore What your Customers Want? The Great Wine Makers do” Gregory Carpenter, writer for Kellogg Insight digs deeper into why and how winemakers stray away from the typical marketing customer centric approach. The how, comes from not focusing on selling the product itself but instead selling the vision behind the product. The why? Simply, because it works. Within other industries, has this “Market driven-firm” approach deemed to be successful. Companies like, Apple and Starbucks have seen incredible success by following this strategy. As Steve Jobs has said, “Our job is to figure out what customers are going to want before they do”. Read More>>


Startup Names May Have Passed Peak Weirdness

Company names like Standard Oil and U.S. Steel seem to be a thing of the past, startup’s names within the last decades have been nothing short of unoriginal. Start ups like Uber and Hulu are names that are now apart of our everyday vocabulary. It has been a trend to give your company name: creative misspellings like “Lyft”, Puns like “Petsmart” or completely made up words like “Google”. However, how long will this naming trend last? Or will history repeat itself, will companies start to go back to the basics? Read More>>


The Four Stages of Sales Compensation Structures in Early Stage Startups

Your startup is just getting off the ground. You might have a few account executives and a sales leader in place; maybe some revenue and a handful of customers. I’ve seen four stages in early stage software companies. Some businesses employ all four, others just use one or two. Knowing about the options ahead of time may help you figure out the right sales plan for your startup. Read more>>