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6 ways to increase your conversion rate using behavioral data

When you start to unpick the visitor behavior on your website, one thing is apparent: Everyone has a limited amount of tolerance for frustration before they drop off. Last week’s Masterclass with SessionCam and Subway—How to Convert Your Website Visitors into Customers—covers the optimization tactics that work to stop this bucket spilling over and maximize your conversion rates. Only 19.2% of webinar attendees are satisfied with their conversion rates, which highlights what a key challenge this is for marketers; 42.6% of attendees are dissatisfied with their conversion rates. Read more>>

To Airbnb and beyond: Digital transformation in hotels & hospitality

The rapid rise of Airbnb shook the very foundations of the industry and forced incumbents to adapt fast. For marketers and business leaders, this presented both opportunities and threats. Here we look at the transformation of the industry and examine how businesses today can protect themselves. Frequently held as the poster child of digital transformation, Airbnb’s meteoric rise to success was an early case study for the disruptive potential of the internet. But their rise to dominance was far from a certainty. They had to build trust in their brand from day one. Read more>>

‘Outside,’ The North Face Bow VR Experience

Outside magazine has partnered with The North Face and VR tech and production firm Jaunt to distribute “The North Face: Nepal,” an interactive immersive experience created by the outdoor apparel brand. Outside is shipping Google Cardboard headset viewers, compatible with smartphones, to 75,000 subscribers with the December issue of the magazine and subscribers can then access the VR experience through Outside’s mobile channel. Read more>>


The “castle model”of cybersecurity ,no matter how strongly programmed,has always been attacked and infiltrated by hackers. But does this mean the defense software companies should stop using this model? This article talks about using behavioral analytics, which is common in marketing, to predict the behavior of hackers which will help improve the walls of cybersecurity. Read More>>