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Seattle-area Earth Observation Satellite Factory LeoStella is Open for Business

For many people, when they are prompted to describe what they think the future will hold, they will respond with a common theme: space exploration. Our curiosity to learn about the planets in our solar system and ultimately the galaxy have led to huge initiatives by various companies to assemble technology that can traverse our universe. Less ostentatious but just as exciting to savvy business-people is the development of technologies that can be used closer to home, such as the small observation satellites being produced by the company LeoStella in Tukwila, Washington. According to an article by James Thorne of, as soon as later this year LeoStella will be producing 110-330 pound telecommunication satellites for companies that need immediate and timely information via pictures. Could this technology be the differentiating factor between success and failure for businesses in a few years? Read more>>


Two of entrepreneur’s biggest worries are how to acquire investors for funding and how to keep your business idea from getting stolen. Maynard Webb, longtime technology executive, investor, board member and best-selling author explains why you do not need to worry about getting your idea stolen and instead, the need to prioritize your time worrying about how to get investors. Sharing the right information about your big idea with Venture Capitalists and angel investors might just help to make or break the deal you have been waiting for. Read More>>

Subterranean drone mapping startup Emesent raises $2.5m to autonomously delve the deep

stope6Seemingly every industry is finding ways to use drones in some way or another, but deep underground it’s a different story. In the confines of a mine or pipeline, with no GPS and little or no light, off-the-shelf drones are helpless — but an Australian startup called Emesent is giving them the spatial awareness and intelligence to navigate and map those spaces autonomously. Read more>>

Overfishing is destroying the world’s oceans. These start-ups think growing fish in a lab can help

Lab-grown fish may hit your dinner plate sooner than you think. A couple years ago, there were no companies focused on lab-grown seafood. Now a handful have cropped up, including Finless Foods, Blue Nalu, Wild Type and Seafuture. Their founders hope fish grown in a lab can help them break into the more than $120 billion seafood market, and make it more sustainable in the process. Read more>>

Vtrus launches drones to inspect and protect your warehouses and factories

ABI Taking off From BaseStationKnowing what’s going on in your warehouses and facilities is of course critical to many industries, but regular inspections take time, money, and personnel. Why not use drones? Vtrus uses computer vision to let a compact drone not just safely navigate indoor environments but create detailed 3D maps of them for inspectors and workers to consult, autonomously and in real time. Read more>>