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Top Winners of 2017 Florida VentureTech Showcase

The Florida Venture Forum/Venture Education Foundation and Space Florida are pleased to announce the top two winners of the 2017 Florida VentureTech Showcase and Space Florida’s Accelerating Innovation prize, held at the FAU Tech Runway in Boca Raton on November 16, 2017.  A total of 17 Florida-based companies from across the state and a variety of industry sectors were selected to present before an audience of investors, deal professionals and entrepreneurs. A panel of judges reviewed each selected company’s presentation and supporting materials. The top two winning companies, which each received $25,000, were: Read more>>

As Autonomous Technology Transforms the Global Freight Sector, Natilus Attracts More Seed Investment from Starburst Ventures, Seraph Group, Gelt VC, Outpost Capital and Draper Associates

Starburst Ventures投资Natilus来扩大大型无人机Large cargo-capacity drone poised to challenge incumbents on price and scale as it prepares for first flight test. Just as the long-haul freight sector has made huge strides in efficiency gains and cost reduction due to technology innovation, the $15.5 trillion global freight market is poised for disruption as it strives to offer customers more cost-effective delivery solutions beyond the decades-old vessels and aircraft which serve as its primary sources of transport. Natilus, a manufacturer of large aircraft drones, has identified the sweet spot between sea and air freight in the international freight market, offering a large cargo-capacity UAV that challenges current incumbents on price and speed of commercial-scale freight delivery. Read more>>

Ink raises $7M to make printing on college campuses less painful

For students, it is always frustrating to print on campus because campus’ printers usually work with high error percentage as well as awful UI. Nowadays, Ink, a Nebraska-based startup focused on revamping on-campus printing, has raised $7 million from VTF Capital, SQN Venture Partners, Invest Nebraska and NE Angeles. They introduced two new products. The first one, SmartStation, is a giant touch screen that only connects to HP printers, meaning software error rates and paper jam rates are much lower. There’s also a product called inkTouch that works with existing printers, but still provides the cloud-based services available on the SmartStation. Read more>>

Why Richard Branson and Bill Gates Are Betting Big on a Food Startup You’ve Never Heard Of

The Virgin mogul believes clean meat could be one of the keys to defeating climate change. Memphis Meats, the subject of Inc.’s November cover feature, grows meat–beef, chicken, and duck–in a lab, thus producing slaughter-free meat. While founder Uma Valeti and his team have already succeeded in growing such protein in their “bioreactors,” there’s a long way to go before they can do it efficiently enough to compete on price and taste with what you find in restaurants and in supermarkets. Read more>>

This 18-Year-Old Makes Innovative Prosthetics From Recycled Plastic

Aaron Westbrook was born with only one hand. Several years ago, while a freshman at New Albany High School in Ohio, he tried out his first prosthetic. Now 18 year-old’s Westbrook decided to make his own, using the 3D printer in his school’s fab lab. To make the controling process more affordable for everyone, Westbrook launched Form5, a nonprofit that customizes mostly open-sourced artificial limb designs in an eco-friendly way. The organization (so far, the total staff is just Westbrook), officially received nonprofit status this fall. Read more>>

Polkadot passes the $140M mark for its fund-raise to link private and public blockchains

Polkadot is a project which has emerged from the Blockchain world, and was designed to do something increasingly important. In effect, Polkadot is the interchange and translator between multiple blockchains which creative people developing on the Ethereum blockchain have been looking for in order to build a wealth new projects and infrastructure. As companies develop their own side-chains, they needed, somehow, to link these projects to Ethereum’s public blockchain. The question was, how? This is where Polkadot comes in. Read more>> 


The Space Tech Market Map: 57 Startups Charting The Final Frontier

Space tech is breaking barriers.With rocket and satellite development costs falling, a regulatory embrace of private spaceflight (“new space”), and better remote sensing and data analytics capabilities, funding to space tech companies has rocketed from almost nothing in 2012, to approximately $4B in combined funding over the past two years. Space tech includes startups involved in the construction and launch of satellites or rocketry into outer space, as well as ancillary companies working to aggregate and analyze satellite data. NASA’s embrace of private spaceflight has paved the way for private sector investments, and funding to “new space” companies has rocketed as a result. Read more>>


Luminar, a small company dedicated to a far corner of the nascent autonomous vehicle industry based in Orlando, and its 22-year-old founder, Austin Russell, created a new lidar system that Toyota, a major carmaker with rapidly expanding self-driving car ambitions, says it plans to adopt for use in its vehicles. Toyota is throwing its weight behind the startup, announcing today that its latest AV, the inspirationally named Platform 2.1, will use Luminar’s lidar to see the world. Read more>>