Clara Foods Cooks Up $1.7 Million In Funding To Make Egg Whites From Yeast Instead Of Chickens

A Biotech startup Clara foods hope to use the dough to create egg white without chickens. Unlike others, Clara foods concentrate on liquid alternatives in a lab, using genetically modified yeast. This method would significantly reduce cost & time and would be attractive to companies that use egg whites in their products. Read More>>

Lybrate Lands $10.2M To Widen Access To Doctors And Healthcare Information In India

VC firm Tiger Global led $10.2 million for medical service Lybrate. Lybrate is based in New Delhi, India and aims to increase access to doctors and quality healthcare information.

It uses a web-based platform and apps to connect patients with doctors. The service features lots of option including posting queries, searching doctors and managing appointments. Read More>>

How startups can save nuclear tech

Despite the increase in the usage of solar and wind energy, reports suggests that we will still face dangerous rising temperatures. Researchers are now looking at nuclear tech to generate power without carbon emissions. This could be a crucial step to avoid the worst of global warming.

Many entrepreneurs and investors are riding on this emerging wave to lift the industry out of its nuclear stalemate. Read More>>

This ‘Uber For Car Mechanics’ Startup Will Keep You From Spending Hours at the Auto Shop

A Chicago based startup oToBOTS is set to launch an app and website where users can request a car mechanic. User enters details about their vehicle and problems, than a certified car mechanic come to their house to perform the service.
 oToBOTS claims that, besides being convenient, the app offer prices that are 20-50% cheaper than visiting a mechanic in person. Read More>>


Zappos a start-up created in 2011 and known for selling shoes, were exploring new lines to expand its business. The start-up launched an iPad fashion magazine. After a successful launch, the magazine had less than 200 visitors per day. The team kept enhancing the magazine with a hope to bring back visitors. However after five unsuccessful tries the magazine was called off.
 Zappos have experienced a valuable lesson from the failed product and have now launched  a successful e-commerce site. Read More>>

Building the Right Team to Scale a Startup

For a start-up, its product and will always remain important. However when the start-up grows, the next step is to build a team of people to serve the clients.
For an entrepreneur, his start-up is like a baby and he is deeply involved with all aspects of the business. But there is a point when being deeply involved limits company’s growth and entrepreneurs should distribute some of his responsibilities to others on the team. Read More>>

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