Zappos a start-up created in 2011 and known for selling shoes, were exploring new lines to expand its business. The start-up launched an iPad fashion magazine. After a successful launch, the magazine had less than 200 visitors per day. The team kept enhancing the magazine with a hope to bring back visitors. However after five unsuccessful tries the magazine was called off.
 Zappos have experienced a valuable lesson from the failed product and have now launched  a successful e-commerce site. Read More>>

Building the Right Team to Scale a Startup

For a start-up, its product and will always remain important. However when the start-up grows, the next step is to build a team of people to serve the clients.
For an entrepreneur, his start-up is like a baby and he is deeply involved with all aspects of the business. But there is a point when being deeply involved limits company’s growth and entrepreneurs should distribute some of his responsibilities to others on the team. Read More>>

Universities Increasingly Vulnerable To Cyberattacks

In this world of hacking and security threats, Universities are becoming easy targets for cyber-attacks. The main reason for such attacks is the vast data generated by each person in the network of universities. Experts believe that these attacks in higher education will continue and might grow as well. Universities should take necessary precautions and must implement proper security measure to protect themselves. Read More>>

Lessons from startup failure: EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalists weigh in

Failure is an important part for many start-ups and their Entrepreneurs. But what more important is how quickly and effectively one responds to the failure. Several finalists at EY’s annual Entrepreneur of the Year awards gala have agreed to this.
At the ceremony, CEO’s and founders talked about their own failures and what they’ve learned from them. Read More>>

U.S., China agree to cybersecurity code of conduct

At U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, delegates from the two countries discussed over a range of topics likely to affect future collaboration and relations.
One among them was to cooperate on cyber security measures. This is for the first time that both the countries have agreed to cyber security code of conduct after exchanging accusations and expressing distrust over cyber-espionage and spying for a couple of years. Read More>>

Menlo Security says it can keep malware from invading your business

Companies are looking for new ways to secure their infrastructure from the attack of hackers. Malware and malicious software code are the primary sources for such hacks, which get in to computers when employees browse infected websites and emails.
 One of the new security startup, Menlo Security has created a technology that can let users access all the sites they want but prevent any malwares from entering their computers. When a person wants to open a website, Menlo Security will create a virtual shell and the website will load inside it. If there are any malicious code in the site, it will get stuck in the shell and wont spread to one’s computer.  Read More >>

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