The truth about people and change — and what to do about it

Change management is becoming accepted in larger organizations as something we need to implement to get people to change. The bigger question is do most leaders and organizations really understand the basic tenets of changing behavior? As we help business to implement change more quickly and more effectively, there are important truths that must be acknowledged and addressed. Read More>>


Weekend Read: Startups Should (Almost) Never Discount Their Prices

Discounting is a slippery slope. Eliminating price reductions denies mediocre salespeople their favorite crutch, while encouraging creative salespeople to craft non-price incentives to spur purchases.Habitual discounting is self-defeating at a start-up — it reinforces customers’ proclivity to delay their purchases, which aggravates the issue in subsequent quarters. Read More>>

Cybersecurity Now Key Requirement For All Weapons: DoD Cyber Chief

Cybersecurity are not just for networks anymore. The trend towards what’s called “the Internet of Things” means targets can be anywhere. If there is a computer in something, it can be cyber-attacked and the necessary defense measures for the same needs to be taken, whether the computer is on a desk or in a medical device or in the engine of a jet airplane, that computer has to be designed to be as resistant to attack as possible. Read More>>

3D Robotics Opens Its Flight Control App For Drones To Developers

The largest U.S.-based drone manufacturer, 3D Robotics, announced the launch of its open-source Tower flight control app for drone copters and planes on Android phones and tablets. The app gives users a few new ways to talk to their drones, but far more importantly, it offers developers a new way to build new features for drones into the app without having to reinvent the wheel by starting from scratch. Read More>>

What Is Windowing?

Marketers need to consider a windowing tactic that provides exclusive, exciting content to viewers willing to pay for a subscription model or ad-free format. The concept of release windows is a controversial one. Distributors see the practice as a valid strategy for maximizing revenue around content, while fans view it mostly as an inconvenience, which sometime leads to piracy over legitimate outlets.Experts believe that it is time  to re-examine what exactly we mean by “windowing.”. Read  More>>

Report: Automakers Not Doing Enough To Prevent Hacking

The new age cars on the market today feature wireless technologies that could make them vulnerable to hackers, and automakers are not doing enough to prevent potential security and privacy problems. The report is based upon information from 16 car companies and experts believe that the auto industry’s approach toward data security and privacy “falls short” and needs far more standardization. Read More>>

Why Airlines Are Flying High

One of the least known but most notable contributors to the industry’s performance is private equity.
Over the past two weeks, one U.S. airline after another has reported record earnings for 2014. This was the fifth consecutive year of industry profitability, during which time aggregate net income exceeded $30 billion, considering the same industry lost $29 billion from 1990 through 2009. Several factors have contributed to the industry’s change in fortune. Read More>>

CrunchBase And Compass Partner To Rank Global Startup Ecosystems

CrunchBase, a data and analytics company is partnering with Compass. The latter are the minds behind the 2012 Start up Genome Project. The collaboration is for a new survey of start ups worldwide to measure the development of start-up and entrepreneurial culture against 40 other international hubs as they believe that there is almost nothing more important to the global economy. The partnership is for a on a new study to provide a taxonomy for global start-up ecosystems. Read More>>

How U.S. laws protecting America’s best ideas are killing innovation

The growth of Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) – “patent trolls” – is putting the future of U.S. innovation at risk. A sizable set of NPEs buy up overly broad patents, then target relevant companies (often startups flushed with venture funding), and file frivolous patent infringement lawsuits. Thus Consequently, NPEs are having a serious negative impact on innovation. The article reports that companies hit by NPE lawsuits became gun-shy about innovations, resulting in a 20% decline in R&D spending. Read More>>

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