Venture Capital Dollars Invested Exceeds $10 Billion For Fifth Consecutive Quarter, According To The Moneytree Report

According to the MoneyTree™ Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), venture capitalists invested $13.4 billion in 1,020 deals in the first quarter of 2015. Quarterly venture capital (VC) investment declined 10 percent in terms of dollars and 8 percent in the number of deals, compared to the fourth quarter when $14.9 billion was invested in 1,103 deals. The first quarter is the fifth consecutive quarter of more than $10 billion of venture capital invested in a single quarter.The survey excludes debt, buyouts, recapitalizations, secondary purchases, IPOs and investments in public companies. Read More>>

Spotify’s Playlist Targeting Takes Behavioral Marketing to the Next Level

Behavioral Marketing has risen to the next level with the introduction of Playlist Targeting where Spotify is focusing on audience segmentation. This move was initiated after successfully launching Video Takeovers and Sponsored Sessions earlier this year.
Playlist Targeting will use first-party data to help brands track listeners’ journeys across devices and allow for targeting based on activity and mood and music tastes. Brands can use the names of user-generated playlists, such as “Workout” or “Dinner Party,” to target messages based on user activity, and they can also use Spotify’s curated playlists that are also specifically labeled. Read More>>

Why baby boomers & Millennials are creating a leadership vacuum

There’s a leadership vacuuming looming over American companies and most of them aren’t prepared. Baby boomers are set to retire in droves – 10,000 turn 65 each day and will continue to do so for the next 15 years, according to a study. That wouldn’t be a problem if there were qualified candidates to succeed them in the leadership roles,  but there aren’t. The study goes on to show that just 11% of people worldwide want to be executives. Nearly 46% of the companies surveyed reported “leadership” was the hardest skill to find in an employee. Thus, creating a leadership vacuum for the times to come. Read More>>

Young People Need to Know Entrepreneurship Is Hard

The proportion of high school students saying they’d like to start a business declined over the course of a summer program, according to research from New York University. 91% of the participants of the program indicated they would like to own a business. But then they learned how much time it takes to run one — and the difficulties of managing one. And then there’s the risk. Hence, students opted to rather work for a company versus become an entrepreneur and try to start from the bottom because it takes a lot of hard work and it’s also work that might not pay off. After completing the program, the proportion of students saying they’d like to start a business was down to 85%. Read More>>

Researcher investigates “creepiness factor” in online targeted ads

The practice of tailoring ads to individuals is so prevalent because online marketers are relying on older research about the effectiveness of tailored ads and failing to consider how newer technologies can keep detailed tabs on a specific consumer’s activity. That combination has led to “creepy” advertising.

A recent study suggests that these online advertisements target users based on their web browsing habits and other personal information which have a negative impact on the person’s intent to purchase the product. But the fact that users find this practice creepy runs counter to conventional wisdom among online marketing professionals. Read More>>

She’s 66 And Finally Getting Electricity. Bring On The Ice Cream!

Haiti can’t survive on philanthropy alone. So instead of giving people electricity alone, one entrepreneur is selling it to them for a profit. For one village, that means finally having cold treats such as ice creams.  The people need a thriving economy where businesses flourish and jobs are created, in order to contribute to the growth of the country. 
Haiti has long been dubbed by the Republic of NGOs because of its heavy reliance on foreign donors and international charities. But charities come to the village and end up leaving when they run out of volunteers or money.Not only will the electricity boost living standards and help satisfy the thirst for cold drinks, it’ll also spark the stagnant economy. Read More>>

A Startup’s Plans for a New Social Reality

While we know what social networks are like on the Web and in apps,  a startup called AltspaceVR started pondering about what it would be like in virtual reality to connect with each other in a simulated world. AltspaceVR is building social virtual environments, ranging from a Japanese-style garden to an amphitheater to a dark, sleek lounge. The hope is that headset-wearing users will hang out together in these places in the form of avatars that display real body language thanks to motion sensors, and do things like watching movies, playing games, or shopping together using a shared virtual Web browser. Read More>>

Power Your Creative Thinking With the 4 Lenses of Innovation

Rowan Gibson, one of the world’s foremost thought leaders and authors on business innovation and his latest deals with a power tool for creative thinking that gives insights on the 4 lenses of innovation. This interesting read fascinates with the stories behind history’s greatest breakthroughs and inventions. There are many examples of people who stand up and say there is a better way. Perhaps that child with a rebellious streak may have a great future after all. Such as Richard Branson who had been a rebel at school and eventually dropped out at age 16—going on to create Virgin Records, The 4 lenses include Challenging Orthodoxies, Harnessing Trends, Leveraging Resources, Understanding Needs. Read More>>

For These Entrepreneurs, the Dream Job Was Finding Jobs for Others

The nervousness of starting a new job or launching a business of your own is the most anticipated feeling. This notion particularly applies to college students finding their way into the real world in order to establish themselves. Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman, the co-founders of the quickly growing Campus Job, have created a platform for students seeking part-time work and internships, as they know this feeling very well. Campus Job hosts all kinds of part-time jobs and internships — everything from coffee shop barista to DJ to graphic designer. The founders urge students to do something that they are unbelievably passionate about as this can become their life very quickly if they’re doing it the right way. Read More>>

Destroyed Mosul artefacts to be rebuilt in 3D

Researchers from the ITN-DCH, IAPP and 4D-CH-WORLD projects have launched Project MOSUL. This project is aimed to virtually restore damaged artifacts and make them accessible from virtual museums. The project hopes to use photographs, digital or scans of analogues, to reconstruct the artifacts and create digital surrogates of those artifacts. This provides two immediate benefits: helping to identify looted items and recreating destroyed items. Read More>>

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