11 Leadership Lessons from Alexander the Great

Alexandra the great as we all know was one of the most greatest warrior. His leadership was influential to the development of civilizations. Alexander’s reign illustrates a number of important leadership lessons which remain applicable to business and political chiefs today. The following article gives a brief overview of some lessons that can be leant from Alexandra’s leadership traits. Read More>>

Dell embraces ‘internet of things’ as key way forward

Michael S Dell reacquired 75 per cent ownership of Dell in October 2013 making Dell a privately owned firm. This has also brought a shift in dynamics for Dell from profits to R&D and customer satisfaction. One of the perks of going private is that Dell can embrace risk differently. Thus giving Dell the freedom to make decisions and hence Micheal Dell looks to invest into the PC business of Dell as he sees huge potential for this stream in the future. Read More>>

Unshackled, a New Angel Fund, Forms to Back Immigrant Entrepreneurs


A new San Francisco-based angel fund,Unshackled, Started by an immigrant, Nitin Pachisia, and the son of immigrants, Manan Mehta, has raised $3.5 million to hire entrepreneurs as employees, providing them with a paycheck, work visas and health benefits while they try to build their start ups to the point where they can raise another round. The company hopes to give an opportunity to immigrant entrepreneurs to shine. Read More>>

Taylor Swift “Coincidentally” Launches App After Pulling Music Off Spotify

Within one week of pulling of her music of Spotify, Taylor Swift partnered with American Express to launch a new app that promotes her latest album. Unstaged, an app that lets fans watch and interact with her latest music video apart from links links to purchase Swift’s “1989” album and learn more about her 2015 world tour.  In addition, there are links to other Unstaged-related content which is is a four-year-old concert film series sponsored by American Express. Read More>>

The Web Is Dying; Apps Are Killing It

The Web that constitutes the Internet is under plight and the way it’s dying has higher implications than almost anything else technology has ever seen. The credit for the same goes to the mobile apps that have a fundamentally different function from the way the Web does.

Studies show that 86% of our time are spent in apps while just 14% is spent on the Web. Faster and easier to use – everything about apps feels like a win for users than what came before. But experts believe that underneath all that convenience is something sinister.Read More>>

Obama Pushes FCC for Net Neutrality, Angering ISPs

President Obama called on the FCC to develop the strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality. It was recommended by the President that the agency reclassify broadband as a telecom service rather than an information service, a move that would be popular with consumers but unpopular with Internet service providers. This is also known as Title II or common carrier, which would give the FCC more authority over broadband providers than it has now. If the proposed approach goes into action, the President would likely face a huge fight from ISPs. Read More>>

New Video-Based Social Network Ocho, Backed By Mark Cuban, Raises $1.65M

Ocho – a new video-based social network tailored specifically for iPhone users has found its undettered investors in Mark Cuban, Bill Lohse, and several others who are betting on the same although there is no shortage of video-snippet sharing services. The investors just helped Ocho raise $1.65 million in seed funding, which will be used to build out the service, and secure partnerships. Ocho allows users to capture eight-second videos. Presented as a news feed, Ocho videos can be ported across devices including Apple TV. Read More>>

Computer experts push Supreme Court to hear Google’s appeal in API copyright case

The Supreme Court was urged to review a controversial ruling that allowed Oracle to claim copyright on APIs, which are an essential building block for many everyday software operations by a group of prominent computer scientists. The brief was filed in support of Google which lost earlier in May to Oracle, which sued the former for patent and copyright infringement over use of the Java APIs. Read More>>

US Lawmakers Press NATO Secretary General To Buy Ships Meant for Russia


Eight lawmakers from the United States are pressing NATO’s new secretary general to purchase French warships which are currently bound for Russia. They believe that France may incur a financial burden if they refuse to transfer these warships. Hence, a renewal has been proposed that NATO purchase or leases the warships as a common naval asset, which was instigated due to the Russian government actions. Read More>>

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